The Commission is positive to the plans of the NRCC and CCI of Russia to continue business cooperation in 2012 and confirms that it will render them necessary assistance in connection with the preparation of the III NRBF to be held in the 4Q2012.

Protocol of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Governmental Commission, March 2012

About NRBF

Since 2010, the Norwegian-Russian Business Forum has become a unique meeeting arena for Norwegian and Russian business, and an important annual event supported by the governments of Norway and Russia.

The NRBF represents a sector-independent forum where professionals from the two countries can meet and discuss today's challenges in the bilateral trade and economic relations. The program offers ample time for networking under the sessions, during lunches, coffee breaks and social events.

Professionals with expertise in the same sector during the round table sessions will provide participants with a deeper understanding of their common challenges and a possibility to go in-depth in several selected issues. When sharing experience with business representatives from other sectors and industries, both during plenary session and during networking sessions, participants will receive new impulses which may help to develop an alternative and more effective approach. Exchange of knowledge and experience is especially valuable in the changing environment.

This Forum's target group in Norway is Norwegian and international companies, organisations doing business in Russia, as well as companies planning to start their business or wishing to learn more about aspects of doing business in Russia. Accordingly, the main target group in Russia is Russian and international companies already dealing with Norway or willing to initiate business contacts with Norwegian companies in the Russian or international market.

  • - Annual bilateral event fully dedicated to the Norwegian-Russian trade and economic relations
  • - Supported by the Norwegian and Russian authorities on a high level
  • - Offers in-depth professional discussions during roundtable sessions
  • - Offers ample networking possibilities during the NRBF Social Events and the NRBF program
  • - Sector-independent participation for companies and organisations
  • - Exchange of knowledge and experience between established market players and newcomers

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