Transport in Oslo

Oslo has a well-developed public transport network consisting of bus, tram, underground (T-bane) and boat. There are also around 10 taxi companies operating in the Norwegian capital, all easily identified by the taxi sign.

Public transport
On the website of Ruter (in English) you will find all necessary information about Oslo public transport: all schedules, departures and arrivals from all stations, as well as true time reports about delays. All you have to do is to write the departure address and destination address, and the system will prompt you with both information about public transport and walking distance information. 

You may also use services of local taxi companies. Your hotel will help you with taxi bookings at required time. Please note that driving time in the rush hours may be longer than expected. If you are travelling in a group, make use of maxi-taxi (5-16 persons). Advance booking is recommended.

All taxi in Oslo accept standard bank and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard and American Express. Receipts are available at request after the ended trip.

Please note that all taxis operate with a minimum charge of approx NOK 100-110 during the working hours, and NOK 130-150 in the evenings/nights. Maxi-taxi have a higher minimum charge depending on the number of passengers.

When in Oslo, you can order taxi by calling the following numbers: 08000 (Norges taxi),  02323 (Oslo Taxi) and 02202 (Taxi 2).