"Russia and WTO: New horizons of cooperation"

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- Norway: Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director, NRCC
- Russia: Mr. Dmitriy Bystrov, Regional Director, CCI of Russia

11.30-13.00     Topic and Company Presentations

WTO and Russia: New market opportunities for foreign exporters and investors
By Mr. Roman Gubenko, Director of International Business Centre “Russia in the WTO”, World Trade Centre, OAO

The Changing World: From a disintegrated market area to a Single Economic Space and a forthcoming EurAsian Economic Union
By Mr. Viktor Spassky, Director of the Department of Integration, the EurAsian Economic Commission

Russia as a member of the WTO – opportunities and challenges
By Mr. Kjell Lillerud, Senior Advisor, WTO/OECD Section, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The EFTA free trade agreement – new opportunities for cooperation
By Mr. Jan Farberg, Director General, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Shifting  trade conditions – expectations of the  Norwegian seafood industry on Russia’s WTO accession
By Mr. Egil Ove Sundheim, Director, market information, Norwegian Seafood Council

Approaching new markets: the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 
By Mr. Andrey Kirienkov, Director General, OAO Customs RUS  

Experiences and challenges in the Russian retail/consumer market
By  Mr. Håkon Mageli,  Executive Vice President, Orkla Brands

Changing realities? Russian industry’s expectations of the WTO accession
By Mr. Sergey Adamov, CEO, Pergam

13.00-14.00     Buffet lunсh and networking

14.00-15.30     Roundtable session continued. Panel discussions
                           Summing up by moderators