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For all questions regarding press information please contact the NRBF organisers.

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iii nrbf information partners

Moscow Times
The Moscow Times
Information Partner of the III NRBF

The Moscow Times is a daily English-language newspaper featuring objective, reliable news on business, politics and culture in Moscow, in Russia and the former CIS.

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Time of Innovations
Time of Innovations
Information Partner of the III NRBF

Time of Innovations is a modern magazine, which along with the printed edition has an electronic version, where any user can suggest an article for publication. The choice of the magazine’s title is not accidental, because today our economic and daily life really is the time of innovation. Demand for innovative products far exceeds supply, and often products, technologies and solutions referred to as innovative represent already existing technology or products, or their modifications.

Time of Innovations is trying to keep track of these processes, presenting its readers really relevant and interesting scientific discoveries and innovative products.

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Information Partner of the III NRBF

Your Gateway to the Norwegian export market

Nortrade is Norway's most complete overview of exporting companies and international trade. We also provide you with a comprehensive overview of news, articles and links to make your information search easier when looking to do business with Norway.

Go to the website of Nortrade

Rybatskaya Gazeta
Rybatskaya Gazeta
Information Partner of the III NRBF

Rybatskaya gazeta is a federal industry newspaper with distribution network throughout Russia. The newspaper helps to keep in touch of key issues of the fisheries sector in Russia and all over the world. Correspondents publications cover the problem of improving the legislation on fisheries and saving of marine biological resources, public policy aspects of development of the domestic shipbuilding industry, the protection of Russian producers and consumers, talk about the modern fishing equipment. The newspaper cooperates with world leading print publications in the fishing industry.

Go to the website of Rybatskaya Gazeta

media partnership

As an annual event fully dedicated to the Norwegian-Russian bilateral economic relations, the Forum offers perfect arena for spreading your message to hundreds of Norwegian and Russian business professionals.

Mass media actors in Norway and Russia, as well as international mass media, are invited to make use of the media sponsorship and media partnership oppportunities offered by the III NRBF.

This sponsorship package is an exclusive set of benefits limited to one sponsor per media type per country [...]

Media Sponsor Package comprises a comprehensive set of promotion opportunities during the III NRBF. [...]

Media representatives with special interest in particular industries may benefit from the "Media Partner Package". [...]

4Tailor Made partnership

Media packages may be adjusted individually according to the media's interests and possibilities.

press registration

Norwegian, Russian and international mass media are invited to cover the III NRBF.

Press registration is available to journalists, reporters and freelances planning to cover III NRBF. Representatives of mass media dealing with PR, marketing or advertising, are not eligible for complimentary registration and must be registered as ordinary Forum partcipants in order to take part in the III NRBF.

Press registration
Press registration containing journalist's contact information should be sent to registrations(at), marked "Press registration", or filled in in the contact form.

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Press inquiries
If you still have questions, you are welcome to contact the organisers of the III NRBF by sending an e-mail to registrations(at) or by using "contact form" on this website.

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